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Earth from outside the Universe!

We all know that the Earth travels through space at a great speed around the Sun. And, as the Sun is already travelling at several times the speed of Earth through space; the relative speed of Earth would be so high. This high speed that I have mentioned is just for our solar system that we know. 

But, we know that the Universe is so massive and even today with all the knowledge of space that we have explored, the size of the universe remains a mystery and a wonder.
Solar System
Solar System
Unknowing the size of the Universe and considering it to be so massive, what will be the speed of Earth through from outside the Universe? 

According to the theories of Relativity, as an object travels faster through space; the time slows down and if an object reaches the speed of light that we know, the time stops. 

So, considering the size of the Universe and having a view from outside the Universe, I can say that the speed of Earth through space would be so high, that it can almost reach the speed of light.

Is Earth as a whole working as a Time Machine?

Will the time on Earth will be too slow from outside the Universe?
Will the time be too fast considering the measurement of size from our end?

If there is a Supernatural being; who big enough to view Universe as a whole, the solar system and the Earth will be so small that the whole system will be moving too slower. If that is the case; the time that we measure will be moving too fast that a century in Earth can be passed in an hour. 

So, is there any relation to these theories, that Bible use to say that a day for God is around a thousand years for man?


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