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Can GTA 5 cause criminal behaviour in kids?

                      We all hear controversy about the games like Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series and similar games that it causes violence or criminal behavior in kids and adults. There are many studies and claims that playing GTA causes violence and crimes. Also, there has been many crimes linked to the GTA game.
                            But, is there any truth behind those claims?
                      Can playing games like GTA or watching violent movies really changes one's behavior, character or personality?
                      Can those crimes could have been avoided, if they had been prevented from playing those games?

Well, the answer is NO.

                       A child who is 17 years old or more is more capable of judging between, Right vs Wrong and Good vs Bad. If one makes a crime or if one causes violence; it is the sole character or behavior of oneself due to poor education on the schools or lack of moral teaching by their parents.

                        So, it is the general human character to make stupid things and blame it on something else.

                         A child who is well thought and given a proper moral education can never be provoked by a game like GTA. Also, one has to know both the good and the bad in this world, for a better and a wise judgement.


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