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Time - Can it go back, stop or atleast slow down?

                        Everyone has atleast one moment in their life, where they think of stopping, go back or atleast slow down the time. Consider a moment, you are late to your office or college and rushing your way to, you made a mistake and want to revert that, missed an opportunity or an important meeting as you are late. All it happened is that the time has gone forward and it has gone for ever. And, the Time we refer is any progress of events from one point to another.
Remember the quote, "Time and Tide wait for no man" ; is that true?, well, science says NO. 
Time machine
Time Machine

                         As per the theory of relativity; if you are travelling faster and faster, the time becomes slower and slower. That is usually useless, right?. We all want the time to slow down when we are slow. But, the time moves at its peak speed when we are standing still or waiting in the traffic block. 

So, if one wants the time to wait, then he or she must travel faster. But wait, how faster? 

                         Back to the theory of relativity, the time slows down as you approach the speed of light and the time stops when you are travelling at the speed of light. Great, so all you need to do is to travel at the speed of light to stop the time. 
                         But wait, what will happen when the time stops? Does all the things that we see and feel will also stop? Will all the moving objects and nature also stop? Will it be the same day and the same year always? Will your heart, your growth, your thoughts and your memories stop? Will everything stops as if it's all just froze? 
                         Well, if that is the case; then stopping the time is of no use, is there? We all want the time to stop and also live as usual. Is that possible?

                         To experience the theory of relativity, we want to travel at the speed of light. That is quite impossible as of today. So, let us consider a photon, as the photons travel at the speed of light. If the photon has a wrist watch and if it is travelling from the sun to earth; will the time for the photon stays at zero when it travels to earth during our 8 minute and 20 seconds? If that is the case; will the photos see our earth spinning? Will it see the movements in earth when the time of earth should be stopped for the photons? And, if there are movements in Earth, then the time has not stopped. 

                          So, I argue that the theory of relativity as we all know today, is still incomplete. There is always a shift of events from one point of reference to another. If one claims that the time stops at the speed of light; then I can say that the time itself has two dimension. At the speed of light, the events would have shifted from the first dimension to a second dimension of the same reference point, making the current theories to say that the time stayed at zero. 

                          So, contrary to the theories, the time cannot be slowed down or cannot be stopped either. It is always moving forward even for light.


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